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The line graph illustrates the trends of average daily viewers related to news broadcasted on channel one.

Throughout the whole year the most viewed news is at 6 pm, apart from the exception of August month when 11 pm news resulted the audience preferred one. Trend of 6 pm news slightly decreased from almost 5 million viewers in January to approximately 3.3 in December, after a series of growths and declines during the 12 months.

At opposite, 1 pm news was the less followed in 9 months, with the exception of August when 9.30 pm news had the worst record, and two other months (May and December) when 11 pm news fell below 1 million viewers. Despite its bad records, 1 pm had the most stable trend at approximately 1.3 million viewers. A totally different trend is the one of 9:30 pm, which steadily increased from 3 to 4 million between January and May but later dropped to almost 1 million during the following three months. A sudden growth in August, followed by a weak increase in the last three months of the year, allowed 9:30 pm news to go back at almost 3 million viewers.

In the end, a particular case is the one of 11 pm news. It beagan broadcasting on 1st May gaining lots of viewers until August, passing from zero to 4 million viewers. A steady decline in the following 5 months drove back the viewers below 1 million threshold.

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Sentence: It beagan broadcasting on 1st May gaining lots of viewers until August, passing from zero to 4 million viewers.
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