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By Umb221 - Posted on 04 September 2013

The line graph illustrates the trends of average daily viewers related to news broadcasted on channel one.

Throughout the whole year the most viewed news is at 6 pm, apart from the exception of August month when 11 pm news resulted the audience preferred one. Trend of 6 pm news slightly decreased from almost 5 million viewers in January to approximately 3.3 in December, after a series of growths and declines during the 12 months.

At opposite, 1 pm news was the less followed in 9 months, with the exception of August when 9.30 pm news had the worst record, and two other months (May and December) when 11 pm news fell below 1 million viewers. Despite its bad records, 1 pm had the most stable trend at approximately 1.3 million viewers. A totally different trend is the one of 9:30 pm, which steadily increased from 3 to 4 million between January and May but later dropped to almost 1 million during the following three months. A sudden growth in August, followed by a weak increase in the last three months of the year, allowed 9:30 pm news to go back at almost 3 million viewers.

In the end, a particular case is the one of 11 pm news. It beagan broadcasting on 1st May gaining lots of viewers until August, passing from zero to 4 million viewers. A steady decline in the following 5 months drove back the viewers below 1 million threshold.

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Sentence: It beagan broadcasting on 1st May gaining lots of viewers until August, passing from zero to 4 million viewers.
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