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Leisủe activities

The bar chart shows how boys and girls aged 5-14 enjoy different types of activities in their spare time in Australia.
Overall, boys are dominant in most activities except for Aft and craft. Besides, both genders prefer non-productive sedentary activity like watching Tv or videos.
According to the graph, boys have more dominant percentage in skateboarding or rollerblading, at nearly 40%. Whereas girls have lower percentage, which is around 24%. Likewise, boys spend their free time on bike riding more than girls, at below 80% and 60% respectively. Similarly, Electronic or computer games attracts boys from 5 to 14 years old 20% more than girls. The figure for boys is above 80% and precisely 60% for girls.
It is obvious that watching TV or videos is the most favorable activity among boys and girls, at exactly 100%. Art and craft is the only activity that girls find it appealing more than boys. It is about 38% for boys and nearly 60% for girls.

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