A special gift I received

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A special gift I received

Getting a gift from someone, surely we are so happy, more particularly, we would be unforgettable that moments and me too, I remember clearly a present which I received on Vietnamese Women's Day last year.

I got a gift from a classmate, it was the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen, I was really surprised. That day, instead of choosing go out with friends, I preferred to stay at home alone. About 20 hours I received a phone call from a classmate. He told me that he did not find his book and he wanted to borrow my books to prepare for lesson tomorrow. After hearing he presented, I agreed. About 15 minutes later he came in front of my boarding house. I was really surprised when he got to me a bouquet and he told that "Happy Vietnamese women's day". I am happy to indescribable.

I was really grateful to him for the surprise gift. Surely, it would be an unforgettable day of mine. I hope that we would become good friends.

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we would be unforgettable that moments
it would be unforgettable for that moments

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