TPO-28 - Integrated Writing Task Robert E. Peary was a well-known adventurer and arctic explorer who in 1909 set out to reach the North Pole. When he returned from the expedition, he claimed to have reached the pole on April 7, 1909. This report made him

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The article states that Robert E. Peary had reached the North Pole on April, 7, 1909 and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that there is solid evidence that proof Peary did this and she refutes each of the author's reasons.

First, the reading claims that the investigation results of the committee assigned by National Geographic Society support Peary claims. The professor opposes this point by stating that this investigation was not completely objective. The members of the committee were actually Peary's friends and his financial supporters of his trip. In addition to, the investigation took only 2 days, which means it did not examined the evidences carefully. She concludes that the investigation was biased and not trustworthy.

Second, the article avers that a recent expedition provides support for Peary's claim that he reached the North Pole in 37 days only, such as a british explorer named Tom Avery did this expedition. The professor, on the other hand, demonstrates differences in Avery's trip and the one did by Peary. For example, the slides that used by Avery were less weight, because he was not transport his food supply, instead it was shipped by a plane. Another thing, the weather conditions during avery's trip was much more favorable than it was in Peary's trip. Therefore, the professor concludes this expedition do not support Peary's claim.

Third, the reading posits that there are photographs taken by Peary provides strong evidence his claim. The professor opposes this point by saying that these images do not proof his claim. She explains that the camera used to take these photos was so primitive and old. So the photos cannot be focused and we cannot calculate the surfs position. Moreover, the photos were faded over time, and consequently, they become useless. The professor concludes these photographs are so great evidence to consider Peary's claim that he reached The North Pole.

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