Children get a better education at a small school rather than at a large one.Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Children get a better education at a small school rather than at a large one.
Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

:People attend schools to gain education, and Schools are for education, no matter whether it’s a small or large one. But, when question comes, whether the education schools provide is better or not, then people need to think about it. As, I believe, facilities available in large schools are not available in small schools, such as computerized libraries and laboratories. Along with that, large schools provide various seminars, orientation sessions, and many other activities for student’s overall development, and for that reason, I disagree with the above statement.

First, facilities like computerized libraries and laboratories give students chance to get familiar with those machines at their early age. Today’s age is called as computerized age. Knowledge about computers has become a need of an hour. And large schools are able to provide those facilities to their students. In libraries, students can spend some time to read other books than their regular subjects. As most of the schools provide limited access to the internet, students can learn to read online books, and also can learn to use search engines. In laboratories, they can conduct scientific experiments themselves and see the result, which helps to increase their interest. In large schools, students can take full use of those facilities, whereas in small ones it might not possible.

Second, large schools arrange various seminars for student’s educational, physical, mental, and overall development. These seminars play very important roles to guide students. These seminars help students to decide goals in their life; help to find their interests; and mainly help in their personality development. However, very few small schools can arrange such seminars or sessions for their students.

Although, students from small schools can also be the topper and successful person without such facilities, because of their natural intelligence. And nowadays, computers also have taken a very important place in every house. Many people prefer to buy a computer, than television. But, as stated above, they cannot conduct experiments at home; cannot read various books, as it’s not cheap to do so; and cannot attend seminars by experts at home. And for that reasons, I think children can get a better education in large schools than in small ones.

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