You are hereDo you agree or disagree? why?Teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn.

Do you agree or disagree? why?Teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn.

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By nargess1981 - Posted on 07 January 2013

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Do you agree or disagree? why? Teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn.

I personally believe that teachers have a major role in motivating the students and encouraging them to study and learn.

It is not uncommon that most of the students do not have the ability to see the big image. For example, when I was a school student I didn't know what the point of learning sociology or history was because I wanted to be a dentist not a sociologist or historian. However, my teacher cleared that problem for me and all of my classmates that how having a strong background of sociological knowledge and being familiar with the history of our country positively influence our future performance in various professions.

Teachers are capable of making a correlation ...

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