TPO 42 Integrated Writing Task

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TPO-42 - Integrated Writing Task

The glass is an awesome material adapted in building contemporary architecture, but it is dangerous for birds. Because they have problems to identify the glass due to the transparency of it. The article offers three ways to prevent birds from collision with glass, but these points are opposed by the professor in the lecture.
Firstly, the paragraph suggests that the problem would be solved by building one-way glass. Because the birds can see the opaque appearance of it from outside, they would know they are unable to pass through the window. In contrast, the lecture mentions that the reflection of one-way glass, being seen by birds, like a mirror. It would reflect the background scene, like sky or trees, so birds still try to pass it.
Secondly, the article proposes a color design that could be distinguished by birds and therefore avoid the issue. Still, the professor doesn't agree. Because the colorful designs incorporating thin stripes that could be interpreted as holes by birds. Thus, they would still try to fly through the holes. Moreover, even If the stripes are removed, the space inside becomes much darker and it is inappropriate for human-beings to stay in for long time.
Lastly, the argument presumes that the magnetic field would divert away the flying direction of birds based on their ability, like a compass, to decide where to go. On the contrary, the professor opposes this hypothesis. Because the magnetic field, adapted by birds, is used to travel for long distance, rather than short one. For short distance, birds use their eyes and the brightness of the light to locate destination.
In conclusion, the paragraph offers several points, that the professor contradicts, to avoid the danger faced by birds.

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