Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction Do you agree or disagree Provide relevant examples if necessary

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Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.

Do you agree or disagree?

Provide relevant examples if necessary.

It is believed that well – paid jobs are extremely attractive, even though they do not bring satisfaction to employees. This essay agrees with this opinion and points out that whenever you make a decision on job options, salary is obviously the first priority.

First of all, high salary from jobs has positive influences on employees’ work/ life balance. When financial rewards are capable of covering the living costs, persons have a tendency to have better productivity as well as more amelioration in work. They feel that their efforts spent on working give them great benefits which are relevant to money. For instance, according to a survey conducted by professors of Harvard University in 2010, newly-graduated students would rather apply for vacancy with appealing wage, although these vacancies are irrelevant to the students’ majors at their universities. They admired that the pressure of life expenses is the main reason forcing them to look for non-satisfied jobs.

Secondly, the combination of salary and incentives or bonuses makes employees more ambitious in working. The desire of getting more and more money encourages persons to pay more attentions to career progression, leading to greater job performances. No matter does the job bring about satisfaction or not, employees try their best to reach targets, provided that there is an opportunity of pay increments. For example, despite their complaints on low-quality working environment, the workforce of Apple still agrees that the increase of wage is the effective motivation for them to work harder and get good performance appraisals.

In conclusion, owning to financial benefits, persons ought to put salary as the first factor to be considered when they look for or accept a job. Should employees do not find themselves suitable for the chosen job at the beginning, they merely need to try to adapt to it gradually.

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