7 ways to set up your study area for success

Studying online allows you to avoid the restrictions of a physical classroom, and you can schedule your study time around family and work commitments. You have too many options when it comes to where, how and when you want to study.
Because you might not be in face-to–face contact with your professors or other students, it's important to stay on track. These organizational tips for online education will help you to stay on top and manage your family, work and online classes.
Locate a Quiet Place to Attend Class
The classroom can be found wherever you happen to be when you take an online course. You want to find somewhere quiet and free of distractions that allows you to take notes. To keep your device charged during class, you may need to have an electrical outlet near by.
You can choose to take part in live classes or record them. If you are taking part in live classes, you may need to turn on your microphone and webcam when you speak. You can take online classes from the comfort of your own home. When your webcam is active, however, you need to pay attention to the other attendees and instructor.
Create a Workspace for Effective Studying
It is tempting to let go of the idea of creating a dedicated space for school work. You shouldn't choose a space for study that is already associated to activities like eating, watching TV, or sleeping. Choose an area where you are already interested in learning. You will find that the more you spend time in it, the stronger it will be. Once you start to feel more focused, you will soon find that you are more productive once you leave the space.
If you don't have enough space or can't make a study area, organize your school materials in a bag, backpack or rolling cart. For a seamless transition, everything you need will be organized when it comes time to study. Keep your phone and computer charged if you find yourself frequently needing to travel to class or study.
Make your space comfortable
The most important thing to remember when creating a comfortable study space is ergonomics. The ergonomics of the study table and chair need to allow you to sit comfortably. This will allow you to rest your elbows on top of the computer without having to lean forward. You should also ensure that the chair is comfortable and fits the height of the desk.
Organize Your Files
It is important that your course materials are easily accessible at all times. While you may prefer to use hard copies, online students can also benefit from the convenience and flexibility of digital files. You can organize your files in folders, and give them descriptive names to make it easy to find.
Schedule your Time
It's important to be familiar with the requirements of the online course. This will help you avoid unexpected surprises. After you receive the syllabus, place a calendar on the wall. Or, you can use an online calendar with alerts. You can organize your schedule to not only make it easier for your studies but also to allow you to set aside time each day for other things in your life.
Stay Organized online
Bookmark websites that you frequently use for your research so that you don't need to search them every time. You might also consider using online helpers such as Quizlet that lets you create flashcards or games that will aid you in studying. It also has study aides that have been created by students, so you might already find what you are looking for.
Working online in a class is essential, but it can also distract you. Apps can help if you are constantly on Facebook and taking Netflix breaks that don't seem to end or spending too much time online. Use online tools like KeepFocusd which will help you limit how much time you spend on distractions.
Make a Routine
A routine can help you stay organized, and prevent you from falling behind on deadlines. Once you've created a syllabus detailing what each class entails, you can create a study schedule specific to each course. You should allocate time for reading and studying, plus extra time for writing research papers and other projects.
You can use an old-fashioned paper planner if you prefer, or you could try a planning app such as My Study App which allows you to save your schedule in a cloud so that you can access it on all your devices.
Set up a Support System
Your family and friends can help you to stay on track with online education. Their cooperation and understanding can make it easier to concentrate on your coursework.
Although it may seem daunting to take several online classes at once, it does not have to be. You can reach out to fellow students online, or even meet face-to-face, if you are having trouble staying organized.
Study groups can help you stay on track. Ask the professor for help or meet up in person if you need it. It is important to be proactive when you have problems, especially with online learning.
It can make it easier for you to succeed in online classes by getting organized and setting up systems. Try these strategies and let us all know what ones work best for you!
What's Next
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