English speaking practice

Speaking title Rates Users Category
Describe a popular person who lives in your neighborhoodYou should say :- who she/he is- when you first met him/her- how you would describe his/her character- and say what the reason of his/her popularity is. 78 Saeed2 IELTS speaking
Talk about a person in your life who has inspired you. Describe the person and explain why you found him/her inspirational. 88 omidkhakpour Q1
Describe a food product which is produced in your region. Please say- what the product is- where you can buy it- who usually buys it and why. 45 devabe2005 IELTS speaking
Female and male university students should have separate residence halls. Do you agree or disagree? 44 zhangjuw16 Q2
295 how often is the weather cold where you come from? 70 EugeneDubinchuk Part I
Describe a class you have taken in school and explain why the class was important to you? Include details and examples to support your answer. 90 Ana TOEFL speaking sticky icon
Describe a meal that you enjoyed eating in a restaurant You should say 1 Where the restaurant was 2 What you ate 3 Who ate the meal with you 4 Explain why you enjoyed eating the meal so much 56 Masni Mann IELTS speaking
19. When shopping, some people use brand names to help them decide what to buy.Other people go only by price. Which do you prefer? 90 Taniazehra Q1
What do you miss most about your home when you are away? Use specific details in your explanation. 97 Vanan TOEFL speaking
Some people think that children should be allowed to watch whatever television programs they choose to. Others think that parents should exercise control over the television programs their children watch. Which do you agree with? Explain why. 76 sahoo TOEFL speaking