Sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment

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I don't understand what are neutral sentiment and neutral topic words. please explain them to me. Thank you so much.

regarding this essay:…

Sentences with positive/Negative sentiment are related to agreements/disagreements. Like:

Positive sentiment:

I love this car.
This view is amazing.
I feel great this morning.
I am so excited about the concert.
He is my best friend.

Negative sentiment:

I do not like this car.
This view is horrible.
I feel tired this morning.
I am not looking forward to the concert.
He is my enemy.

While neutral sentiment means facts or knowledge, for example:

There is a book on the desk.

and neutral topic words are contained in neutral sentiment, like 'book' or 'desk'.

Sentences with neutral sentiment are important for introductions or used to explain something. for example in this essay, we can say:

Sentences with positive sentiment : Childhood is unforgettable
Sentences with negative sentiment : Childhood will be terrible without games
Sentences with neutral sentiment: Childhood is the time to play.

More sentences with neutral sentiment will make the arguments more peaceful or reasonable, but still they should not be over used.

I love this site and it does help me a lot. according to the comments, I have the correct direction on what I should write well then. Thanks a lot.

Awesome content. Do you think that negative and positive are as important as neutral sentences? I mean, how to create an excellent equilibrium?