TPO 30 Integrated Writing Task

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TPO-30 - Integrated Writing Task

Recently, there has been a ton of debates as to the story of the burning mirror that the greek navy used to attack the roman. Most specifically, in regards to the reading, the writer puts forth the claim that the greek never build such this device. In the listening, the lecturer is quick to point out there are serious flaws in the writer's claim. In fact, the professor believes that device was practical and addresses, in detail, the trouble with each point made in the reading test.
First and foremost, the author in the article states that the technology for manufacturing a large sheet of copper did not exist in that time. Some professionals, in the same field, however, stand in firm opposition to this claim. In the listening, for example, the speaker states they had a lot of flat polishing sheets that with them made a large mirror. He goes on to say that at that time it was useful.

One group of scholars represented by the writer think that the burning mirror would have taken a long time to set the wood ship on fire. Of course, though, not all the experts believe this claim is accurate. Again, the speaker, specifically, addresses this point when he states the ships were not just from wood. They are also, made from the waterproof pitch that could fire in a second.

Finally, the writer wraps his argument by positing that flaming arrows were so effective than a burning mirror. Not surprisingly, the lecturer takes issue with this claim by contending that burning rays are invisible by the enemy and they are much more effective than arrows. To sum up, both the writer and speaker hold conflicting views about a story of burning mirror

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