Dialogue 2

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Dialogue 2:


Fill in the blanks to complete the following statements.
1. The woman is angry with the waiter because he has spilt
on her
2. The waiter offers to
it with
, but the man says that the waiter would only make it
3. The woman demands to see
, and he asks the woman to send the
to them if she would like to have the dress
4. At last the woman
(does/doesn't) ask them to pay for it.

Listening answers
Woman: John, look what that waiter's gone and done! Spilt soup all over my new dress!
Waiter: I'm terribly sorry, madam. Perhaps if I could sponge it with a little warm water...
Man: Leave it alone, man. You'll only make it worse.
Woman: I want to speak to the Manager!
Waiter: Very good, madam.
Manager: I do apologize for this unfortunate accident, madam. If you would like to have the dress c
leaned and send the bill to us, we will be happy to take care of it.
Woman: Oh no, it doesn't matter. Forget it. It probably won't stain very much.