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A. Discussion.


Fill in the missing words.
    We used to
place beside
. We had
. I was there with
and I decided to
. It didn't look far and I
... but
I realised it was
than I thought. I was
. I shouted. Luckily
and brought
. I thought I
. I've never been more
in my life.

Listening answers
Eddie is talking to Tom.
Eddie: Have you ever been really frightened?
Tom: I suppose so, once or twice.
Eddie: Can you remember when you were most frightened?
Tom: That isn't difficult.
Eddie: What happened?
Tom: Well, we used to have a favorite picnic place beside a lake. W
e had a boat there. I was there with some friends and I decided to swim t
o a little island. It didn't look far and I started swimming ... b
ut half way across I realised it was a lot further than I thought. I
was getting very tired. I shouted. Luckily my friends heard me and brought the boat. I
thought I was going to drown. I've never been more frightened in my life.