Task 2: Dictation.

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Task 2: Dictation.

Dictation :The following paragraphs will be read to you slowly. Listen to it for three times, and while listening write as much and as closely to the original text as you can.

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Task 2:Dictation.

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Books Belong to the Past


I visited my old school yesterday. It hasn't changed in thirty years. The pupils were sitting in the same desks and reading the same books. When are schools going to move into the modern world? Books belong to the past. In our homes radio and television bring us knowledge of the world. We can see and hear the truth for ourselves. If we want entertainment most of us prefer a modern film to a classical novel. In the business world computers store information, so that we no longer need encyclopaedias and dictionaries. But in the schools teachers and pupils still use books. There should be a radio and television set in every classroom, and a library of tapes and records in every school. The children of today will rarely open a book when they leave school. The children of tomorrow won't need to read and write at all.

M.P. Miller London