GMAT Test Prep: IR-97212218 GMAT Integrated Reasoning

The diagram shows a project team consisting of exactly 8 workers. Each worker is represented by a circle labeled with a capital letter. An arrow directed from one worker’s circle to a second worker’s circle indicates that the first worker directs project-related questions to the second worker. Each of the workers to whom no other worker directs project-related questions is an individual contributor, and each worker to whom one or more of the other workers directs project-related questions is a coordinator. For example, G (an individual contributor) directs project-related questions to E (a coordinator), but E does not direct project-related questions to G; whereas C and D (both coordinators) direct project-related questions to one another. Use each drop-down menu to create the most accurate statement about this project team based on the information provided.

10A. There are exactly

individual contributors on the project team.

10B. and the individual contributor who directs project-related questions to the greatest number of other workers is