GRE General Test: RC-373706 GRE Reading Comprehension

Draft passages in Proust’s 1909 notebooks indicate that the transition from essay to novel Remembrance of Things Past began in Contre Saint-Beuve, when Proust introduced several examples to show the powerful influence that involuntary memory exerts over the creative imagination. In effect, in trying to demonstrate that the imagination is more profound and less submissive to the intellect than Saint-Beuve assumed, Proust elicited vital memories of his own and, finding subtle connections between them, began to amass the material for Remembrance. By August, Proust was writing to Vallette, informing him of his intention to develop the material as a novel. Maurice Bardeche, in Marcel Proust, romancier, has shown the importance in the drafts of Remembrance of spontaneous and apparently random associations of Proust’s subconscious.
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According to the passage, in drafts of Contre Saint-Beuve Proust set out to show that Saint-Beuve made which of the following mistakes as a critic?