Elite Private Tutors SAT/ACT Programs Suggest That a One-on-One Approach is More Effective Than Large Classroom Settings

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Houston, Texas (PRWEB) January 27, 2014

For most students walking into their junior year of high school, college preparation hasn’t yet become a priority. However, students that have not created a plan for test preparation by this time may be too late.

The question is: How important are SAT/ACT scores to successfully getting accepted to highly ranked colleges? Test scores are a piece of the puzzle to being accepted. If certain pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are missing, it cannot be completed. The same should be said when it comes to getting ready for college applications. According to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, 59.2% of colleges say that test scores have considerable importance in acceptance decisions across the US.

The best tool for SAT or ACT preparation is TIME. When preparation begins early, the added stress of last minute studying is avoided. When it comes to these standardized tests, there is no such thing as cramming, only practice. If given the right amount of time, students can sharpen the skills needed to do well. Most students start test prep junior year while they are in difficult classes, and decide to take both the SAT and ACT.

“Students should take a diagnostic at home on their own for both tests, to see which one they feel best about, instead of wasting two testing dates to see which test is better,” Neha Gupta, owner of Elite Private Tutors states. “Many students even leave their first semester of senior year as an option for taking the exam which is a big mistake – this extra test should be considered a last hurrah, not a full on option.”

The time during which students prepare for these tests can be a stressful one, and a test prep program with a one-on-one coach is an excellent tool for a parent to use to make sure their student is on track with preparing.

Houston based tutoring company Elite Private Tutors is excellent at prepping students for the SAT/PSAT and have great programs that help sophomores, juniors and seniors get into the college of their choice. Their highly-trained team has made phenomenal scores on the SAT/PSAT, as our team has made between 2200-2400 on their exams, and 33-36 on the ACT, and have Elite level strategies to help relieve test anxiety and showcase your child’s potential.

“We believe that test prep should be done efficiently and personally, one-on-one, instead of in long classes. Students are already bored in the classroom, why would they focus for 3 hours on a Saturday? Our team makes test prep fun, interactive, and interesting – honing down on specific types of problems on each section for each student. Our unique approach helps students to get results fast,” states Neha Gupta.

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