TPO 07 - Question 3

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TPO 07 - Question 3

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The university plans to cancel the sculpture class, because not many students take it and the school can’t afford a full time professor. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the schools decision. First of all, students are all busy taking required classes such as drawing and painting, she thinks the school should make the required courses less limited by offering more of them. And second, she thinks saving money is not an excuse. Many teachers in the department have secondary fields, she believes the school can easily find someone in the department who’s both capable and willing to teach the sculpture class. Not to mention the option of hiring part- time teachers which is inexpensive.

1. Now listen to two students discussing the article.
2. Everything all right?
3. Yeah, I'm just upset about that article I showed you this morning.
4. Why?What's the big deal?
5. Well, as an art major, I think it's a big loss for the department.
6. The university's got it all wrong.
7. What do you mean?
8. Well, the low enrollment isn't because art majors don't want to take these classes.
9. Problem is: who has time to take them when there are so many other requirements.
10. I...I don't understand.
11. See, the classes they are eliminating are all optional.
12. The required courses are mostly painting and drawing and they take up all our time.
13. What we really need are different requirements.
14. Then art majors could take a better variety of classes, all the things we are interested in.
15. That makes sense.
16. But, the thing about the professor.
17. Well, that's true.
18. But still, they are being drastic.
19. If money is the problem, they could hire a part-time professor, or, most of the professors in the department have secondary fields.
20. Really?
21. Yeah.
22. At least a few painting teachers are also great sculptors.
23. I'm sure one of them could teach a class.