TPO 23 - Question 4

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TPO 23 - Question 4

Using the example from the lecture, explain how people’s behavior is affected by reference groups.

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The reading passage talks about reference group, which is the group of people we admire and tend to imitate. Then the professor gives his personal experiences. When he was in college, he was friend with some art students. They liked to dress very casually, in T-shirt and jeans and sneakers. So the professor thought they looked cool and he dressed himself the same way, and he fit right in. But after graduation he went in a big company. His co-workers all liked to dress up a little bit, even on weekends when they were hanging out. He saw them as classy and sharp, his old style just suddenly didn’t look cool anymore. So, that is how we may adopt different reference group as we grew older and our attitudes and behaviors would change accordingly.