Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save for some time in the future

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Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it, or is it better to save for some time in the future?

Money is very important to live happy life. Nowadays, we cannot buy anything without money. Money is essential to fulfill our basic needs. People, who have lots of money, spend their money as they want. But, people those who have limited money think twice before spending it. I believe it is good to save some money instead of spending it immediately, because we can use that money in case of emergency, and it’s good our future.

First, savings always help us in case of emergency. Problems don’t wait for our permission, so it is always better to be prepared for that. As a student, it is important for me to have some extra savings in my account, because I am away from home; alone at new place for my studies, so savings make me feel relax and helps me in case of emergency. Suppose, if I meet with an accident, then I can use that money immediately, instead of running here and there for help. On the other hand, if I do not have any savings, then I might have to face many problems.

Second, savings always helps in future. It allows people to be relaxed and enjoy life without worries. Savings does not waste; if we could not use that our savings; we could help others, those who are in need of it. For example, we could donate somewhere, such as to the people those who faced natural disasters. Recently, we all heard news about hurricane sandy. People lost their houses, properties and many things. We could help such people. So, savings not only helps us in future, but also allows us to help others.

Finally, some people spend their whole life in making money only; some spend in enjoyment only, both are not good. I believe, maintaining balance between both is essential, because enjoyment is also important to keep ourselves active, relax, and fresh. But, there should be limitations. We should keep track for our expenditure and savings. This helps us to reduce our expenses and increase our savings. Hence, we should save some money for emergency and for future, instead of spending it immediately.

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