You are heretalk about something you and your family enjoying together. Describe it and explain why you all enjoy it.

talk about something you and your family enjoying together. Describe it and explain why you all enjoy it.

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By nishith - Posted on 12 November 2013

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talk about something you and your family enjoying together. Describe it and explain why you all enjoy it.
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24 in 30

Remember talk in 45 seconds.

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sir, i at present understood that you are the one who gives the comment, thank you sir, but i want to know other than timing on which aspect of speaking i suppose to concentrate like vocabulary, pronunciation or any thing else?

i just want to know if i do not submit the question of task 3,4,5,6,, how you assess the speaking recording???? sir this is just my curiosity to know.

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Go this link for question 1:

For question 2:
yes, it is better to submit the reading and audio together with recordings which will be easier for us to understand your recordings. But if you don't submit reading and audio, it is still OK since we know all questions from ETS to Barron,Kaplan... at the backend.