a national education system

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a national education system

how do the expectations of today's school leavers compare with those of the previous generation?
what role do you think extracurricular activities in education?

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i study by own myself but i have one teacher is standby to help me anytime.
yeaa.. i need it, can you help me? what part or method or steps for me to improve my english? how to summarise? could you describe for me? thank you a lot

Sorry, we can only give you some suggestions. To improve faster, you need to understand your weak point exactly. For example, your big issue in essay writing is grammar. So you need to find a way to remove those grammar errors like reading a grammar book; practising test on grammar etc. till you remove errors completely.

The question is that you need to have a schedule and follow the time table (for example, no more grammar issues in 3 month). And check out the progress day by day.

You don't just study something, you need to focus.

You can do the same thing for other categories like reading, listening...