TPO 31 Integrated Writing Task

In this set of materials, the reading passage states that a fossil skeleton of a dinosaur called Sinosauropterix included a pattern of fine lines surrounding the skeletal bones which shows a featured dinosaur. Despite of some paleontologists opinion, critics believe that it is not a featured dinosaur and provides some reasons. However, the lecturer finds the idea of being feathered dinosaur very strong and explains some evidence to refute them all.
First of all, the author of the passage claims that the lines were formed after the animal's death. In contrast, the lecturer argues that scientists found other fossils buried at the same site which were well-preserved in volcanic ash. It shows us that the skin did not decompose into fiber and kept its functional structure. So, it is convincing enough to consider Sinosauropterix a feathered animal.
Furthermore, the critics point out that even if the lines are remains of real structures, it is much more likely to be frills than feathers. On the contrary, the professor contends that feathers have a specific protein called beta protein while we cannot find it in frills. Researchers discovered beta protein in the location. Therefore, the theory of frill is rejected.
Finally, it is mentioned in the passage that the lines were located along the backbone and the tail of the animal which made it useless to have feathers. Conversely, the lecturer asserts that although usual functions of feather are thermoregulation and flight, they can be used for display. Other studies prove that they were colorful such as orange and white. The finding supports the idea of using feathers for display. Thus, we can assume the fossil is a feathered dinosaur.

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