TPO 47 Integrated Writing Task

The reading and the lecture both talks about possibility of Pterosaurs being able to fly. The passage states three reasons to disapprove this idea. While, the lecture tends to bring new evidence to prove otherwise.

To start, the passage claims that only warm-blooded animals would have the ability to fly because, it is an energy consuming activity. However, Pterosaurs where cold-blooded creatures. Although, the lecture disputes this by suggesting that in new discoveries it has been understood that these creatures had a dense hair covering. Providing them with high internal temperature. This would help them adapt in cold weather conditions and to supply them enough energy for flying.

Secondly, the passage states being kept airborne demands lightweight. Pterosaurs on the other side, are as large as giraffes. the lecture however, refutes this idea giving the information that these animals have a hollow bone which results in having a light weight. So, despite having large body, they don't weight much and their wings are capable of handling it's weight floating in the air.

Lastly, the passage points out that Pterosaurs can not take off either by running fast or jumping on their feet. the lecture claims otherwise. she suggests that because they have 4 legs they could use all four to jump. Also, being lightweight gives them the option to run fast.

To sum up, the passage believes Pterosaurs are not capable of flying due to some of their characteristics. The lecture disagrees with this statement, giving three reasons to reject these factors proving flying is indeed possible in these animals.

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