As you read the passage below consider how Zadie Smith uses evidence such as facts or examples to support claims reasoning to develop ideas and to connect claims and evidence stylistic or persuasive elements such as w

In Zadie Smith’s passage, “The North West London Blues”,she persuades us on why public libraries are important and should remain open. She convinces us by showing pathos and personal anecdote in her passage. They help us understand her better.

In Smith’s passage, she shows signs of using pathos to persuade us. She uses pathos to show and make us pity the libraries, and the people in it. She states, “We’re humans, not robots. The people protesting the closing of Kensal Rise Library love that library. They were open to any solution on the left or on the right if it meant keeping their library open. . . . A library is one of those social goods that matter to people of many different political attitudes.” (Smith 4) This shows how she talks. She is explaining how a library can bring people together. This example shows that her local library is getting closed down, but a large group of people protest. They all had a past in that library, and they all want to cherish it by keeping the library.

Lastly, Smith uses personal anecdote in her passage. She uses this to show that she has had her own experience relating to the article. She states, “Each morning I struggle to find a seat in the packed university library in which I write this, despite the fact every single student in here could be at home in front of their Macbook browsing Google Books.” (Smith 1) This shows how Smith uses her libraries. It is an essential part of her morning, and she wants to keep that. She shows sympathy, and makes it look like the library is the essential part of many people’s lives.

Zadie Smith talks about her opinions on the rapid loss of libraries, including one of her local libraries. She wants to convince everyone that having a local library is beneficial. She uses personal anecdote, and pathos to show her opinions on it, and bring sympathy and passion towards the libraries.

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