A recent study has shown that over 50% of school children cannot write legibly. The researchers concluded that the widespread use of smartphones, tablets and computers by children from as young as 12 months old was to blame. We are now living in a “post

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A recent study has shown that over 50% of school children cannot write legibly. The researchers concluded that the widespread use of smartphones, tablets and computers by children from as young as 12 months old was to blame. We are now living in a “post-paper” world where people are connected to one device or another at all times.

Should schools stop teaching handwriting entirely and focus instead on their typing skills? Is handwriting no longer relevant?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, 90% of schools have changed their learning systems, where they have adopted teaching students how to improve their typing skills rather than teaching them the traditional handwriting technique. Some people believe that schools should stop teaching handwriting and replace it by teaching typing skills, while others argue that handwriting is very important, and it should not be abolished from the learning system. This essay will discuss the reasons why schools should adopt teaching the typing skills at schools and stop teaching the handwriting entirely.

Teaching student the traditional handwriting technique should be stopped, and the typing skills should be adopted because all jobs now use the computers and smart phones. Knowing how to use computers is the essence of doing any task, where people stop using the traditional paper and pen at their offices. Recent research, which was conducted in the Cambridge University, has shown that 87% of American employers accept only employees who know how to use computers, and it suggests that all the jobs in the future will need using computer skills. Therefore, it seems clear that schools must stop teaching the handwriting and alter to teach how to improve the typing skills since most of jobs in the future will need these skills.

On the other hand, some people think that the era of technology will end in the near future, and schools should not stop teaching handwriting. These people connect the continuous of technologies with the existence of oil. But these people are unaware of the fact that scientists now are searching for alternative resources for power, such as wind and solar power. Thus, schools should stop teaching handwriting and focus of teaching typing skills since the technology era will remain for long time.

In conclusion, this essay discussed the reason why schools should teach typing skills rather that teaching handwriting. In my opinion, I am inclined to believe that all careers these days require knowledge of tying skills, so schools should focus on teaching it rather that teaching traditional handwriting.

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... how to improve the typing skills since most of jobs in the future will need these skills. ...

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