Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? I think there is too much violence in movies. Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? I think there is too much violence in movies. Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

What people watch and hear profoundly impact their lives. Children and adolescents imitate what they see in their favorite TV shows. Different people have different responses to violent displays. I agree with the idea that movies contains too much violence.
First of all, movies portray violence, and some people are negatively affected to the point of sickness. Violence in movies causes people to have nightmare; thus, making them have unhealthy sleeping patterns. For example, my cousin used to watch Ninja movies before sleeping when he was 10. During the night, he would throw a sound of distress that he saw an Ninja in his bedroom and have insomnia as a result. His mental health was affected due to lack of sleep. Additionally, not everybody enjoys seeing violent scenes in movies. Some people are hunted by those specific scenes. For instance, since childhood, my younger brother hates movie because he is very sensitive to horror and violence shown in movies. He reports to me that those scenes make him uncomfortable when he is alone. Movies create bad pictures in people's minds, which will alter their mental health.
Second, people who watch violent movies tend to be violent themselves. In fact, because the types of TV programs people watch have a huge impact on their personalities, when a person watches violence, he or she is more likely to perform the same violence. In highschool, I had a colleague who loves Jean-Claude Van Dam's movies - his movies essentially consist in fight. Whenever my colleague was annoyed by any of us, he used to pronounce the names of karate terms he heard in the movies and perform the act of violence to harm whoever had done wrong to him willingly or not. Violence in movies has transformed him into a worse version of a person because his level of tolerance became too low.
In conclusion, there is too much violence in movies. The scenes of violence portrayed in movies affect the mental health of people as they hunt them into nightmares. Furthermore, watching violent movies pushes people subconsciously to act violently. Violent movies should be discouraged especially for children who are fearful of violent scenes. Also, parents should control the types of movies their children watch so that they do not fall in the category of violent children in front of their peers.

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