Essay topics TPO 42 Integrated Writing TaskGlass is a favored building material for modern architecture yet it is also very dangerous for wild birds Because they often cannot distinguish between glass and open air millions of birds are harmed every

The lecture opposes the main idea of the reading passage and logically disputes all the specific points that presented by the reading. The article states that the glass used in buildings is very dangerous to the birds and suggests three solution to avoid birds' injuries. However, the professor casts doubt about these three solutions and challenges all the supportive reasons presented by the author.
First of all, the reading mentions that we can prohibit birds' injuries by using one-way glass instead of transparent one. However, the professor contends that the one-way glass reflects as mirror. Due to the fact that birds do not understand the mirrors, they might fly through the glass as it reflects the sky.
Secondly, the professor refers to the next solution discussed by the author. According to the reading, painting the glass with colourful patterns or designs will prevent the birds from flying through it. Nevertheless, the professor says that birds will see these openings as holes. Consequently, they will try to fly through them. People must do extremely small openings to avoid such a problem.
Finally, the professor addresses the third point of the reading passage. The reading claims that creating an artificial magnetic field will be helpful to guide the birds away from the glass. The professor refutes this claim, stating that birds use their magnetic sensitivity while flying for long distances. However, they depend on their eyes and brightness in the short distances. Hence, the magnetic field will not be effective.

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