University experience is more important than a university degree Some people argue that university life is much more important than an educational degree in job market do you agree or not agree

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University experience is more important than a university degree. Some people argue that university life is much more important than an educational degree in job market, do you agree or not agree?

In recent years, governments have provided a lot of money for education to produce a great generation to be in right position of jobs. They design colleges and university with high quality of science and education. Also, they provide a staff of excellent teachers. On other side, experience is more required in jobs environment. Many companies prefer the persons who have a lot of experience and practical training. These corporation send these employees to real area of works to gain experience. Some people believe that knowledge is more significant than experience. In this essay, I will argue about the effect of education and experience at work.

It is true that education may be the foundation of good experience. Government has devoted more time to developing education around schools, colleges and universities. As a result of education, people can hold many skills and tools which help them in their jobs. Also, education works to increase the high level of people thinking and ideas. Furthermore, academic study people can gain several features for many sectors of life such as arts, sports, science and engineering. Regarding education we can handle any difficulties in our path on life because we have proper technique. Moreover, people who have real skills, tools and techniques will be successful in any sector of works. That means, some people give foundation of education to be successful on both their jobs and life.

On the other hand, the people who have experience are more employable than people who do not have work experience. Moreover, the human resources in many companies or directors mention in their announcement that experience is the main condition for hiring and rewarding. In fact, there are special items which make experienced people more wanted in the variety of jobs . For example, experts can handle the stress of complex issues, flexibility to deal with any problem that face them and they do not need for any training or courses. Men or women who have experience are always perfect on job results and are more effective than other people without experience.

In conclusion, there is a strong relationship between education and experience for anyone looking for real success in the job. Education depends on the theory but experience is based on practical application. From my point of view experience and education are the extremely important to reach achievement and high quality in the jobs.

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