Do you think that ease does not challenge us and that we need adversity to help us discover who we are?

I would say that ease challenges us but it does not give us to much of a challenge and that is why we need adversity to help us discover who we really are. Its always said by the wise ones that behind every man lies a great strength, but i think that being strong does not mean that one has strength but the right use of the strength. When a person is at ease its almost impossible for a person to discover himself or herself because he or she thinks that all is well but when faced with adversity the person is capable of discovering who he or she really is and what he or she can do at that particular time.

Life used to be comfortable for me,everything i wanted,name it, was granted.But its in October 28,2013 when i discovered that life is not as easy and comfortable as i think.Its not until this day when i lost my father that,i opened up. Its not as though life changed to the worst for a fact but the fact that i never had a father-figure,a father who was always there for me, a father who would fight for me,a father who would advise me, who would buy for me anything that i wanted. I thought that by his death i will not be able to move on and that everything is lost, but it is through his death that i discovered myself better,what i used to imagine that i could not do i can now do it. I am able to defend myself when in trouble,am also able to take myself to visit various places, i also discovered my talent.Could be if were still there i could not have known the great personality in me. Its really an adversity but its one of a kind since it has helped me discover myself. May be if life was still at ease as it once were, i could not have come to learn who i really am.

Ease really does not help us to discover who we really are. When we have all that we aspire to have in life what else do we need?After all,all is well. Each person has something special in him or her its just that we have not gotten the opportunity to discover ourselves. We should take the challenges we face in our life as an opportunity to discover ourselves and its better if we use it to our advantage.

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