Your friend wants to lose weight What advice would you give to your friend and why

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Your friend wants to lose weight. What advice would you give to your friend and why?

Throughout history, following a healthy diet and practicing exercises or sports have been proved to be very effective when trying to lose weight. In my opinion, if a friend of mine wants to lose some extra pounds, I would personally recommend him to follow both trends. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs.
First of all, following a healthy diet has been proven to be successful throughout the years when trying to lose weight. Is important not only eat healthy meals, but also in adequate proportions. For this reason, it is crucial to consult with an professional first when your primary goal is to lose extra pounds while being healthy. A balance diet must include fruits and vegetables, proteins, minerals and tons of water. Although the type of food selected is important, the amount plays a crucial role. Moreover, the time when you decide to have a meal is critical because if you eat and go to bed right away, your whole metabolism can be altered, and the results obtained might not be what you are expecting. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. About fifteen years ago, after my second birth, I decided to enroll into a weight-loss program to get rid of those extra pounds. During the day I was sticking to my diet, but at night I was so tired that totally broke up my plan. In addition, I started eating whenever I had the chance, totally messing my schedule because of my busy life. As a result, it took me forever to accomplish my personal goal because the dietician took me out of the program. Therefore, I would first advice my friend to have a healthy and balance diet and look up for professional advice as well when trying to lose weight.
Secondly, practicing exercises can help you enormously to accomplish the hard task of getting rid of those extra pounds. Exercises have been proven to be extremely important for your body, and for your heart and your mental health as well. For this reason, while sticking to your diet, try to follow this routine: walk at least thirty minutes per day, ride a bicycle or run a mile. It is worthy and only cost a little amount of effort. My dad is another example that I can reveal to my friend. He has been suffering diabetes type II for a very long time and his main goal has been lose weight, along with taking all his prescription medications. Because he has been struggling with his weight, his dietician told him that, in order to live longer, he would need to lose one- hundred pounds. After a year visiting a gym and joining a weight management program, he was capable to excel, and the results were extraordinarily amazing because his disease totally disappears. For this reason, I would secondly advice my friend to practice exercises daily.
To conclude, I am of the opinion that if my friend wants to lose weight, is better for him to follow my advices. This is because balancing what you eat and because practicing exercises daily have been proven, throughout the years, to be decisive when trying to lose weight.

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