Which of the following jobs would you prefer to have?- A job at a company that offers challenging and interesting projects but few vacation days?- A job at a company that does not challenge you, but offers a lot of vacation days?Use details and examples t

Essay topics:

Which of the following jobs would you prefer to have?
- A job at a company that offers challenging and interesting projects but few vacation days?
- A job at a company that does not challenge you, but offers a lot of vacation days?
Use details and examples to support your choice. An effective essay is usually 300 words long.

When giving a job offer, it is critically important to choose what type of job you should accept and why. In my opinion, I would prefer a challenging job, full of effort and determination. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.
First of all, jobs full of challenges require professionals more competitive and aggressive. Moreover, when a professional is happy with his or her job, the performance is usually higher. For this reason, professionals need to stay up to date with all the requirements that the profession demands. My personal experience is a compelling example of that. Twenty years ago, when I graduate from university, I did not have a hard time looking for a job. The demand was high and the qualifications were lower. Apply for a Pharmacist position was as simple as to fill out an application form and pass an interview. As time pass by, more and more students graduated in the same field and more regulations were added to my profession in order to comply with the National Board requisites. My Curriculum Vitae was not enough; I also needed twenty hours of Continuing Education every two years to maintain my license active, a Certificate of Immunization and an Intensive English Program as well. For this motive, I had to take several courses and seminars to comply with the requisites. Furthermore, I was so determined to excel that I went to FIU for the english program because I graduated from a foreign institution. It took me two years to accomplish it, but it was worthy. For all these reasons mention above, I feel more confident and secure about myself now since I can compete and excel. I have all the tools to do it.

Secondly, interesting projects are more fun and challenging than ordinary work. It is a fact that happy workers can make a huge impact in a company and increase the company’s expectations and productivity as well. Although it is crucial for our mental health to have vacations from time to time, in my opinion is more important when we feel happy in our job, because it is there where we spent most of our time. I remember two years ago when our pharmacy was selected to work in a new project. We spent almost two months working intensively, without going home. Moreover, we were stressed with the new task during the day, but we enjoyed the time we spent together because we were doing a lot of fun and new activities at night, and we get to know each other better. The time flew, and as result, the project was validated and approved. Furthermore, the pilot project was selected to go nationwide, and we had the opportunity to teach it to a lot of colleagues, in different states and different pharmacies. In my opinion, the program not only was funny, but also interesting and challenging. We were so eager to excel that we decided to write an article in the prestigious magazine Pharmacy Times. For this reason, I personally believe that is better to be busy at work than bored.

To conclude, I am of the opinion that is better to have an absorbing and demanding job. This is because challenging jobs demand professionals more prepare and because those types of job can be more fun than a regular job.

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So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

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