TPO 38 integrated writing task

It is generally acknowledged that forest are facing increasing pressure which can have a profound impact on industries, economies and nations. The passage present a solution which consists of development of an international fund to prevent plausible threats and to manage upcoming difficulties. On the other hand, the speaker holds a doubt against claims made by the author.

To begin with, the passage asserts that the fund can be used for protecting forest agriculture which allows the owners to resist intrusions by logging industry. The lecturer however, opposes this assertion by demonstrating that agriculture is in fact destructive to forests. Based on the fact that there is a higher demand for product, there is an increase in adopting harvest technology which leads to using more fertilizer and other deathly chemicals and polluting water and environment.

As well as that, the passage suggests that by parcelling out the fund to provide villagers and residents with sufficient economical income to decrease the chance of destructive industries to take over these lands. The speaker disputes this opinion by explaining that government is considered as the forest owner. Therefore, if the fund is handed to the government, there is a slight chance that it will be used for desired demand.

Lastly, Although the passage holds the opinion that deforestation is an alarming loss of biodiversity, the speaker believes people may use this to plant trees that have advertising concept.

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