TPO 42 Integrated Writing Task

Both the reading and the listening sections discuss the problem of glass windows for birds. The author of the reading passage contends that there are several effective solutions to that problem. The lecturer, however, challenges the claim made by the author. She is of the opinion that non of the solutions will effectively stop birds from getting injured.

Firstly, the author of the article argues that replacing the regular window by one- side window could be an effective solution. This claim is challenged by the lecturer. More specifically she notes that, one-way glass reflects just like a mirror, and it is bad as regular window. Particularly because birds do not understand mirror.

Secondly, the text suggests to paint colorful lines or other designs on regular window. It further, mentions that people would be able to see through the openings of the painting. The lecturer, by contrast, rebuts this argument by mentioning that second solution also has problems. In addition to this she mentions that as the reading passage notes this design include openings so people inside can see out. However, birds will perceive the openings as holes and will try to fly right through them, so to avoid the collision the holes will have to be extremely small. But in that case the rooms of the building will become dark for people inside it.

Finally, the reading passage notes that creating an artificial magnetic field could be also an effective solution, because birds have natural ability to this sense. The professor, rebuts this by mentioning that it is true that birds use the magnetic field in order to help them navigate, but only when they travel long distances. She elaborates on this by bringing up an example. When the bird fly from cold country to warmer one before the winter it uses its magnetic ability which help itself to determine which way it should fly, but in terms of short distances birds simply use their eyes or the brightness of the light to figure out which way they should fly.

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