TPO31 Sinosauropteryx s feather

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TPO31- Sinosauropteryx's feather

The article and the lecture both discuss the remaining of Sinosauropteryx’s fossils lines shows they had feathers or not. While the reading explains why these kinds of dinosaurs did not have feathers, the lecture refutes this. She says that there is strong evidence that their body structure encompassed feathers.
First, the writer states that fossils cannot demonstrate dinosaurs’ living structure and body compositions after a volcanic eruption and are buried under ashes, which may have changed into fibers. However, the speaker argues that other dinosaurs’ bodies were preserved beautifully in other fossils. Furthermore, she pinpoints those volcanic ashes did not turn their dead bodies’ skin into fibers.
According to the author, there is a possibility that fine lines in remains can show other parts of their body, such as frills. The professor is doubtful that this is accurate. She emphasizes that chemical analysis on fossils had illustrated that a significant amount of protein was available in these remnants and feathers composited of this class of protein that is not in frills.
Finally, the reading passage argues that feathers are meant to control animals’ internal temperature and assist them in flying. However, the lecturer dismissed this issue since the feather is not only for flying or thermal control. She brings an example like a peacock that uses its feather only for attracting the female gender, which can be possible for Sinosauropteryx. Analysis showed that these dinosaurs had colorful feathers like orange and white, which strongly support the display idea.

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