Bobby Braun Space Technology A Critical Investment for Our Nation s Future

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Bobby Braun, “Space Technology: A Critical Investment for Our Nation’s Future.”

Space exploration is one of the most fast-growing field of study nowadays. Though there is an opinion that further research is a waste of money, Bobby Braun does not think so. On the contrary, he is sure that our future depends significantly on space missions, and further research will have only positive consequences. To prove his point, Bobby Braun considers NASA – the company that is responsible for space missions in the US. In the passage the author uses different stylistic elements: appeals to credibility, explanations of possible-in-future scenarios, and anecdotes.
Firstly, the use of quotations deserves consideration. In the third paragraph of the article the author appeals to National Research Council claiming that “NASA’s technology base is largely depleted.” Bobby Braun implies that NASA is very important for the mankind and especially for the US nation. Furthermore, in the end of the passage the author adds another quotation about the “grand challenge” of NASA. He states that it will “organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.” By adding this quotation, Bobby Braun emphasizes the significance of space exploration for our future.
Secondly, an abundance of possible scenarios is presented in the article. The entire fourth paragraph is devoted to the discussion of what will be invented if space missions get sufficient support. The “full use of International Space Station, maturation of multiple American vehicles…, development of a crew vehicle, and an evolvable heavy-lift rocket” are all very important inventions, according to Bobby Braun. He claims that by investing money NASA “will mature the systems…, create high-tech jobs.” It is obvious from the context that Bobby Braun is sure that space is worth spending money. Such a precise, broad description of inventions followed by vivid language makes the readers adopt the author’s point of view. Consequently, explanation of possible scenarios is used very effectively by Bobby Braun to persuade his audience.
Thirdly, the author refers to anecdotes that always appear to be convincing for audience. Explanation of effect of investments in space missions on everyday life of common people reassures readers that money spent by NASA benefit them personally. Bobby Braun provides a long list of widely-used devices to give specific examples and base his arguments on common concepts. For example, he claims that “knowledge provided by weather and navigational spacecraft, efficiency improvements in both ground and air transportation, super computers… have all benefitted from our nation’s investments in aerospace technology.” Furthermore, according to Bobby Braun, space program provides tens of thousands of students with the opportunity to invent technologies. All these common, understandable by everybody examples help the author convince the readers of the necessity of investments in space missions and development of technologies.
To sum up, in the presented passage Bobby Braun effectively advocates on favor of spending money on space programs by using a multitude of stylistic elements, all of which will never fit on these pages, but most notable are definitely appeals to credibility, elaborations on possible scenarios in case of proper investments, and anecdotes that emphasize the effect of investments in NASA on common people who user the results of the company’s work but do not even think about it.

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