Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit

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Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

Knowledge is the ability to know something that another person does not know. It means having an edge over something or someone in any area of life. Like every other thing about humans, knowledge also comes with its limitations. It gets to a point when we believe we know to much about everything and choose not to follow instructions. But, I don't believe that knowledge is ever a burden, because, with the right information about a particular situation, solutions are easily provided.

As humans we are all gifted or knowledgeable in certain areas. We cannot know it all. In these areas in which we are gifted, we may run into trouble that may be difficult to fix, but due to the knowledge we have about such situations we will be able to find a way out. For instance, a mother who is currently nursing her third child will always know what to do when he/she is cryin,sad or hungry. Because, she must have had the same experience with the other children, handling this one will be a lot more easier.

Another example, to show that knowledge is a major benefit rather than a burden is in inventions. We have several scientists and inventors who have all created one thing or the other, from their knowledge about such a thing. If they did not know anything about what they invented, they probably wouldn't have been able to invent anything. These people used their knowlegde in the right way to the benefit of mankind. Now a lot of things can be done easily because of some of the things invented.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is very important. A knowledgeable child preparing for an exam will know what to read and how to read in order to pass the exam. From the experience he has gained overtime he will know what the important areas are, what questions are likely going to be asked and how the questions are going to be asked. Knowing all these things will make preparing for the exam easier for the child, resulting in him/her getting the best possible grades.

Knowledge is the principal thing and we cannot survive without it. In our everyday live weather we know it or not, we make decisions that result from past experience. Knowledge makes us aware of the experiences we can use in the future and the ones that will never be useful. Having knowledge gives you the edge in everything you do. Knowing too much can never be a burden but only beneficial.

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