Fossil fuels such as coal oil and natural gas are used in many countries The use of alternative sources of energy including wind and solar power is encouraged Is this trend is a positive or negative development

For many years, fossil fuels have been utilized by the majority of nations. But recently the idea of using substitutes to these sources is being promoted by many. This is definitely a beneficial advancement and this essay provides the reasons for this perception.

To embark on, fossil fuels are a major source for power generation these days but these are on the verge of extinction. Since these have become scarce, their costs are sky-high which adds a burden on the consumers in the form of increased taxes and prices. As an illustration, citizens of many countries are already complaining about the heavy increments in the electricity and cooking gas prices. Also, the burning of fossil fuels constitutes pollution. The byproducts of their combustion are toxic and pose a threat to the environment and human wellbeing. For instance, many environmental organizations are running campaigns regarding the damage caused to the environment due to these fuels. Hence there are some adverse outcomes, it is obvious that there is a necessity to replace the current sources with alternatives.

In this regard, solar and wind power are perfect substitutes. As they are renewable sources of energy their extinction is out of the question and the difficulty in finding these sources is absolutely zero since they are available all over the globe. For instance, consider solar energy, all one needs to do is set up solar panels on the roof and the house is powered up. Moreover, these are extremely eco-friendly. These sources never produce any hazardous substances and thus helps in the reduction of pollution effectively. It is a fact that the countries that employed solar power have milder degrees of pollution. As a result, the costs will come down remarkably, and affordability increases along with safeguarding the eco systems.

In conclusion, although many parts of the world are powered by fossil fuels, their availability has been quite low. Hence, it is extremely important to switch to solar and wind energy which are both abundant and cost-effective.

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