In some countries there has been an increase in the number of parents who educate their children themselves at home instead of sending them to school Do you think the advantages of this overweigh the disadvantages

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In some countries, there has been an increase in the number of parents who educate their children themselves at home instead of sending them to school. Do you think the advantages of this overweigh the disadvantages?

It is true that home education in which many parents begin teaching their children themselves at home has become commonplace worldwide. While this method of education tends to bring some advantages, I believe that the drawbacks do outweigh the benefits.

On one hand, there are some main reasons that lead to a considerable increase in the number of home-educated children. The first objection is that this mean of education provides opportunities for parents to take great care of their youngsters. When students take lessons at their own houses, parents can easily identify their children’s weaknesses and then prevent them from having difficulties in studying as one-to-one lessons allow much faster progress. For instance, homeschooling students can ask their parents or tutors when there are some misunderstandings in the lessons or when they face a tough problem. The second reason is that home-based education is more convenient for families who live in distant areas with poor means of transportation because they are offered lessons directly at home instead of going to school.

On the other hand, I believe that home education might bring more negative effects than positive ones. The first thing is that private lessons are usually costly as it requires one tutor for a particular field and there are often more than ten subjects which students have to learn. As a result, a family who has a meager budget cannot afford this way of education. Another reason why parents should not apply this way of teaching is that children cannot receive enough social experiences which they can be provided at school. If students just learn things in theory but not practical ones, they will lack social skills and cannot get on well with the other people. For example, almost homeschooling students tend to be shy and reserved as they might lose the abilities to solve realistic problems. Therefore, in my view, it is more advantageous to send children to school when they are old enough.

In conclusion, it seems to me that there will be more drawbacks than benefits of homeschooling education.

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The count of parents who educate their kids themselves at home is considered as one of most prominent issue in the whole world. Despite having some disadvantages ,there are many advantages which we cannot ingnored.
On the one hand, there are some merits .firstly , in these day many of parents want that children do study at home behind this statement there are profound effect . To explain it, there are many parent in some countries who have not only money but also no any facilities for their children's education . As result there are many children who does not recieve the well education and lastly parents decide to instead of going school , they do study of their infants in home . Hence it may be beneficial for every person.
However there are one disadvantages firstly , many parents who are not educate they cannot do study their kids in high schools ,so they cannot teach their children at home because they cannot take place of teachers.
On the other hand, school 's priority is very essential in every person life. Such as one tree does not live without water and sunlight. Following that , children does not live without education. Owing to education become a necessary for every person.if any children when go to school , they learn there(school)many moral value as well as how do behave with each other and discipline also. Moreover they access
well information about any subject without any problem. In addition school is a one type of method with the help of off springs can achieve any success in their life .
To conclude, there are some arguments about this topic.but I also argue that the advantages of the overweight the disadvantages.