TPO-30 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours than to have a job where you work five days a week for shorter hours. Use spec

When comes to job working hours are important factor which decide your enjoyment in the particular job. Some people may think it is healthy to do less working to maintain everything in balance such family and job and so on. But, I strongly agree the statement which state working more and getting huge rest is enjoyable job in my point of view. To support my position I want to reason out advantages of having more rest time.

To begin with, family always need our presence without us they do not want anything. Because working persons are more crucial member in the family, whatever function it may be they always wait for us start the function. For example, a friend of my father was working in Delhi, the company he worked did not give one day extra off because of that he could not attend his daughter function. Just only for him they post-pond the function at week end. If he might have the chance three days work he need not struggled this much is not it?. Some people like even someone else take the responsibility in his place.

In addition, we can enjoy vacation as well the job if you are working half week in workplace and rest in the joy trips. Imagine that you are working in big factory where thousands employees are working there. We always have the stress due to the job, in order get rid out of it, we should have long rest period to refresh ourselves. Otherwise we will end up with psychological disorder like bipolar syndrome, depression and anxiety. Fewer person thinks that working longtime not good for health and makes monotonous life style.

Finally, new ideas are possible when we are working in long working time followed by vast rest period. That stimulate our brain to come out the creative ideas and solution for the problems. For example, In Dell company they did the same think to employees and they found out that staffs can work efficiently and innovative way that brought large profit for the employer at the sametime staff also felt-their works are joyful rather than pressure. Others point of view, they may think work consistence there then worker feels happy about the job.

To conclude, in order to balance the family and job, to escape from stressful life and to have joy and prosperity all workers must work for only three days rather working for five days which is horrible. Do hard work as well enjoy limitless in you life.

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Message: “When” at the beginning of a sentence requires a 2nd clause. Maybe a comma, question or exclamation mark is missing, or the sentence is incomplete and should be joined with the following sentence.
When comes to job working hours are importan...
Line 4, column 170, Rule ID: MAY_BE[1]
Message: Did you mean 'maybe' (=perhaps)?
Suggestion: maybe
...ber in the family, whatever function it may be they always wait for us start the funct...
Line 4, column 572, Rule ID: HE_VERB_AGR[4]
Message: The pronoun 'someone' must be used with a third-person verb: 'takes'.
Suggestion: takes Some people like even someone else take the responsibility in his place. ...
Line 8, column 301, Rule ID: HAVE_PART_AGREEMENT[2]
Message: Possible agreement error -- use past participle here: 'rested'.
Suggestion: rested
... get rid out of it, we should have long rest period to refresh ourselves. Otherwise ...
Message: Did you forget a comma after a conjunctive/linking adverb?
Suggestion: Otherwise,
... long rest period to refresh ourselves. Otherwise we will end up with psychological disor...
Line 14, column 255, Rule ID: WHITESPACE_RULE
Message: Possible typo: you repeated a whitespace
...rk as well enjoy limitless in you life.

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