TOEFL TPO 42 Integrated Writing Task

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TOEFL TPO 42 - Integrated Writing Task

The reading passage and the listening section are both discussing how glass changed to prevent birds from getting injures. The article gives some reasonable arguments; however, the speaker casts doubts about them and proposes several reasons to refute them.

First of all, the article mentions that one-way glass can help birds direct into the right way; however, the speaker disagrees with it and suggests that the glass reflect the sky like the regular mirror. On the other hand, the birds cannot understand the mirror so they consider the reflection is the sky. As a result, changing the glass to one-way glass is not a practical solution.

Secondly, the article indicates that painting colorful lines on the window glass avoids birds to fly through the glass. Nonetheless, the speaker disapproves of this idea and argues that birds may fly through the glass because the glass seems like a hole. Moreover, inside the building, people will feel dark due to the design of window glass if the open hole is too small.

Finally, the article points out that installing an artificial magnetic field to navigate birds fly away from buildings but the speaker refutes this statement. Birds, which fly a long distance, use the magnetic field to guild; however, in the short distance, birds guild their direction through their eyes and the light.

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