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Both the listening and the writing discuss possible solutions that can stop birds getting injuries because of glass on buildings. They contradict each other from the following three perspectives.

Firstly, the lecturer challenges the idea purposed by the writer that one-way glass can let birds know the barrier ahead. Instead, he contends that one-way glass would reflect light like a mirror. As birds cannot understand what a mirror is, they would like to believe that the tree and sky reflected on the glass is real tree and sky. Therefore, birds will still fly into the glass.

Secondly, the professor refutes the idea advocated by the author that painting colorful designs can not only avoid birds flying through as they recognize the stripes, but also enable people to see outside. Nevertheless, he posits that birds are likely to perceive those openings as holds, so they are more likely to try to fly through them. To prevent injury, the openings are better for being as small as they can, resulting in a lack of sunlight inside buildings.

Thirdly, the lecture casts doubt on the thought illustrated by the passage that magnetic fields can be used to guide birds away from buildings in glass. On the contrary, it indicates that birds navigate through magnetic fields only when they are in a long distance travel like from cold regions to warmer places. In short distance travels like from one side of the city to another, however, birds still use their eye and bright of light to determine which way to go.

In conclusion, the talk rebuts the passages in three distinct aspects regarding possible methods to prevent birds getting injured.

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