Adapted from Eric Klinenberg Viewpoint Air Conditioning Will Be the End of Us 2013 by Time Inc Originally published July 17 2013 1 Earlier this week as the temperature in New York City hit the upper 90s and the heat index topped 100 my utility provider is

In Eric Klinenberg’s passage, “Viewpoint: Air-Conditioning Will Be the End of Us”, He talks about how he thinks that relying too much on Air conditioning will in the end destroy our society. He attempts at convincing us, by using personal anecdote, and concession.

Eric shows signs of personal anecdote when he convinces us. He states, “ I’ve long advocated public-health programs that help truly vulnerable people, whether isolated elders in broiling urban apartments or farm workers who toil in sunbaked fields, by giving them easy access to air-conditioning.”(Klinenberg 2) This convinces us that even he himself would participate in helping people with AC. He is showing that he agrees with using AC, but he wants us to use it wisely.

Eric then uses concession in his passage to convince us. He states, “ I also recognize that air conditioners can enhance productivity in offices and make factories safer for workers who might otherwise wilt in searing temperatures.” (Klinenberg 3) He is using concession to show that he does not technically disagree with using ACs. He shows that he knows facts about what ACs are good for.

Eric Klinenberg’s “Viewpoint: Air-Conditioning Will Be the End of Us” shows that the air conditioning may be extremely important in some scenarios, but can also be deadly in some cases. He uses different languid techniques to express and convince us. His best work of them is when he uses concession and personal anecdote.

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