TPO 42 Integrated Writing Task

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TPO-42 - Integrated Writing Task

The article and the lecture both agree that glasses used in the buldings can be dangerous for birds. The author provides three main solutions for preventing this catastrophic event. The lecturer however, disagrees with all of the solutions given by the author and believes they are useless.

As for the first solution, he thinks that it is absolutly ineffective, because one-way glasses reflect what is in front of them just like mirrors and birds can not distinguish a reflected image from the real one, to be precise they do not understand mirrors and will fly right in to it.

The lecturer refuses the second solution, since birds will consider the openings between the paints as holes and will try to fly past the holes, so the problem stays unsolved. For this idea to be effective, it is required that unpainted parts of the glass to be very small which will make the house so very dismal and depressing for people living in it.

Third solution is also rejected by the lecturer because birds use their ability to navigate through magnetic field in long distance travels such as imigrating from one cold region to a warmer one. For daily short trips, they just use their eyes and wind for path finding, therefore, using a human made magnetic field will be totaly useless.

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