TPO 42 Integrated Writing Task

While the passage holds the opinion that there are multiple ways to prevent injuries to birds from hitting glass windows, the speaker disapproves all the pointed out statements by offering three explanations.

To begin with, the passage mentions that one-way glass can be used instead of a regular one. Being transparent only on one side tend to help birds to distinguish the window and to make them realize they are flying toward a solid barrier. The lecture, however disputes this assertion claiming that as a result of reflection of light on outer side of window, the window works just like a mirror. Therefore, the bird sees a reflection of tree or sky in the window and will fly right into it.

Secondly, the passage states that if colorful painted patterns are included on the glass, the birds will avoid flying through it. Although, the speaker holds an opinion against this statement by demonstrating that if the bird observe a unpainted area on the glass, it will think that it is a small hole and will try to fly through it. On the other hand, painting all of the glass so that it only contain a few tiny unpainted parts, will result in a dark environment in the house.

Lastly, although the passage claims that using a strong artificial magnetic field in the building will steer birds in a different direction, the lecture believes otherwise. He refutes this idea by giving explanation about how birds use magnetic field only to find direction during traveling to long distances. For short distances they only get aid from their sight and the use of their eyes to detect brightness levels.

To sum up, the speaker believes non of the solutions stated by writer are practical.

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