Some people believe that children s leisure activities must be educational otherwise they are a complete waste of time Do you agree or disagree Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience

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Some people believe that children's leisure activities must be educational,otherwise they are a complete waste of time.
Do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

Group of people consider it as a truth that youngsters should spend their free time by doing some knowledgeable activities rather than indulging in useless activitie. Study is important but there should be fun and creativity, when it comes to time for leisure. Person should gain enjoyment during such activity, as it is necessary to refresh oneself at mental level. Life will be boring if there is only learning and no joy.

I think everybody needs a break from monotonous routine and so as children. If anyone keep on studying then there will be a time when person's brain will stop thinking. To avoid this, there should be some amount of time allotment in between to do what you enjoy the most.

In my childhood we had two hours of club activity as a part of our school time table and we had to choose an activity of our interest to do, during those hours. That way, I developed my interest in painting and cooking very well as well as there was lot of pleasure. Apart from this, regular school picnics during winter time, assembly programs, for instance, singing competition Rangoli competition or monologue,these are all unforgettable moments which are I think necessary for every child. Such activities help building up children's personality, character and social skills.

I would say, education with leisure is better than only education and no entertainment. Free time should be relaxing and refreshing, specially for children. It reduces burden as well as increases their strength to learn or retain knowledge and better understanding with fresh mind.

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Message: “If” at the beginning of a sentence requires a 2nd clause. Maybe a comma, question or exclamation mark is missing, or the sentence is incomplete and should be joined with the following sentence.
... monotonous routine and so as children. If anyone keep on studying then there will...
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...y interest in painting and cooking very well as well as there was lot of pleasure. Apart from t...
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...etition Rangoli competition or monologue,these are all unforgettable moments which are...
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Suggestion: to build; build
...y for every child. Such activities help building up childrens personality, character and...

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but, if, so, then, well, apart from, for instance, i think, as well as

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It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent means of communication but same people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information disuss both view and give your opinion. Due to advancement of technology especially internet has changed all aspects of people life. There is no denying the fact that it is good source of communication. But some people opine that it is not batter place to find information . In my opinion, this statement does not hold much water , if you are technosavey then you can search anything which we want. Let's discuss. Internet has a ocean of data and easy to access . However, it also create connectivity in all over the world through video conference . Apart from that, with the help of internet anyone can find information on a particular subject with a single touch of button and get that material within seconds. Moreover , gone are the days, when people used to go to library for collecting information about their research . But now , we can acces of everything just sitting at home ,thanks to internet. It is also true that there is some data may be irrelevant which makes difficult to find correct information. But if you are technosavey you can easy understand difference between what information is good for you or not . For instance, Google drive is the best example as it shows most of the time that sites which is selected by the authorities such as encyclopedia Wikipedia has reliable source. To conclude, it is evident that internet helps people not only in communication field but also finding information for different types of work.

Theme 2: Some people think that government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be spent elsewhere. (Agree or disagree)

    It is believed that spending money on arts is not very useful and that it could be directed elsewhere. I completely disagree with this and feel that arts are worth very expensive that is spent on them.

  First and foremost, arts are considered a national interest. In some countries arts have a significant importance and government maintains such kind of organizations that preserve arts. To exemplity, France,USA,London,Australia and a few countries have a different museums all over the country which exhibit ancient valuablr arts. People who are interested,can visit the museum which price is not very expensive  . The cost of entrance is undertaken by the government. Thus, the government puts effort to preserve the arts.

   Secondly, arts are considered method of get pleasure and entertainment by several people in the country. For example, the museum "Ermitage" which located in Saint-Peterburg,Russia there are a lot of precious pictures and valuable materials. Every year,approximately five thousand tourists visit this museum for the sake of pleasuring. For look all of the pictures every one on half minutes, need to people  approximately ten month. Encouragement for arts from government improves livelihood of billion people who base their career on arts. It impact beneficial both to people who work on arts and who enjoy from arts.

   To sum up, the arts play a important role in the lifes of people, it is very important for the government to make sure that arts are financed property.

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